Nepal in Black & White – Tales of Langtang – Fine print collection

2nd December 2020

The following images were captured during an expedition through the region of Langtang – Nepal, where the purpose of my journey was to attempt a summit of Naya Kanga Peak (5846m) found in the heart of Langtang Nation Park.

The selected images have been chosen by myself to feature as an exclusive B&W Fine-print collection – ‘Tales Of Langtang’.

These photographs tell the tale behind the scenes of the expedition, they share the essence of the unique people who call these mountains their home, they depict the purity and hardships of life at altitude and highlight the true spirit of the Himalayas through my own eyes.

1/12 – ROUTINE

A young girl makes her commute into a nearby town to trade goods from her village.

“Be mindful of others, be kind, understand that there are profound differences in how we choose to live our lives, and realise that some do not always have that choice”.


A proud yet disheartened teahouse owner smiles candidly wishing us well on our journey as we throw on our backpacks and gaze up towards the unusually snowless peaks ahead of us.


A seasoned resident of Kyanjin Gompa sits silently observing western tourists gathering their provisions for the journey ahead.

“What I can tell you about the people I met throughout my time in Nepal and specifically Langtang is that they are some of the kindest and least prejudice people I have ever met, everywhere I went I was met with smiling faces and humbleness. The western world could certainly learn a lot from how these people approach daily life and how they welcome others into it.”


The monastery of Kyanjin Gompa (3800m) – The northern reaches of the Langtang region are heavily influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, yet to the south the culture derives more from the practices of Hinduism.


Two women cooking outside their home in Kyanjin Gompa – On the upper level yak droppings are dried and stored to use as fuel from their household. The fractured walls of the building are permanent reminders of the earthquake that devastated the village in 2015.

6/12 – FAITH

Prayer flags scribed with Tibetan blessings whip violently with the mountain breeze taking the prayers into the skies, bringing peace and hope to the surrounding countryside and its residents. Naya Kanga peak looms in the background of the image.

7/12 – UNION

As the sun bursts through the clouds above splitting light over the mountain tops, domesticated yaks with their young wander peacefully back towards the village after an afternoon grazing. Local youths and porters take in the views across the valley below during a well deserved rest, respectfully allowing the yak to do as they please.

8/12 – PEACE

Domesticated yaks captured late afternoon on the outskirts of Kyanjin Gompa as a soft evening fog rolled down into the valley below.

9/12 – POWER

‘The Yak’ captured one gloomy evening during sunset on the outskirts of the village.

“The yak are a primary resource for the mountainous people of Nepal and Tibet. A true gem of the Himalaya used for their strength and resilience to altitude, to transport goods, for their wool, milk and even their dung for fuel in household stoves”.

10/12 – SCALE

The village of Kyanjin Gompa (3800m) hiding amongst the enormity of the Himalaya. Langtang Lirung Peak (7277m) captured top right the image. Cement pits dug and used by locals for construction resources captured centre left on valley floor.


Looking towards Kimshung Himal from the upper foothills of Kyanjin Gompa during dusk.


A view from Naya Kanga basecamp (4300m) looking towards Langtang Khola – Langtang National Park

*All images are available for re-print in a range of sizes, original limited edition Fine-prints also available by request.*

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– If you are interested in hearing more about this trip, head over to my blog post ‘Naya Kanga’ for a full write up of my experience in Nepal.

– I’d like to say a huge thank you to Alexander Adventures (https://www.alexanderadventures.co.uk), RKN Slot ( and Montane (https://www.montane.co.uk) for personally supporting me on this expedition. Without their assistance, funding and equipment this trip wouldn’t have been possible. 

– Thank you to all of our support team in Nepal and to everyone who assisted with the planning and execution of this journey. Also to our cook team & porters for keeping us safe and positive throughout!  

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