(product review) – Aquapac – 28L Toccoa Waterproof Backpack

19th October 2020

Toccoa 28L Waterproof Backpack

Aquapac – 28L Heavyweight Waterproof Backpack



Tough 500D Vinyl will resist scrapes and abrasion on the trail.

All-welded construction seals out any water.  


Roll-down seal with side (compression) or top (maximum volume) closure.

Mesh side pockets for quick-access items.

Breathable mesh straps and padding.

Lash points for lights and attachments.

Daisy-chain webbing to secure carabiners to the side of the bag.

Top Grab handle.

The 28L heavyweight waterproof backpack from Aquapac’s TrailProof range is an extremely durable 500D daypack designed to ensure your gear stays dry and protected from the elements whilst on the trail. No matter the adventure you can trust that the ‘Toccoa’ will hold strong against whatever the weather has to throw at you. Designed for the outdoors, this pack would be just as comfortable used commuting to work as it would be on a day-hike in the mountains, it is a brilliant choice for activities such as paddling, biking, travel and extreme sports. Available in three colours, to suit your mood – acid green, cool blue, or matt black.

Overall my experience using the Toccoa 28L has been great. I have now used the pack on multiple occasions taking part in a wide variety of activities such as canyoning, hiking and paddling and I have had no issues at all regarding the waterproofing of this product. The main fabric of the Toccoa is made from a 500D polyester-reinforced PVC tarpaulin which has been welded and stitched along all joints to ensure maximum waterproofing and durability – Aquapac label its waterproofing rating as ‘Stormproof’ which basically equates to a IPX6 level of waterproofing (basically it has been tested against powerful water jets projected at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle), which although it means the pack isn’t quite submersible, it is more than enough for any water-based activities such as canoeing/SUP. I have personally used the pack whist canyoning up-river and had waterfalls crashing down on the pack with no leaks detected at all.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the storage size of the pack. Often 28 litres can seem a little on the small-side for me as a day pack, as quite often I’m carting around an abundance of camera equipment along with me, however due to the single opening design of this pack compared with a standard hiking pack it allows the wearer to utilise the full 28 litres rather than being limited to what will fit in each zipped section of the bag, thus allowing you to fit more bulky items inside with ease.

Although the pack is named the ‘Heavyweight’ at only 890 grams it is hardly going to hold you down. The name in-fact describes the durability of the product which is outstanding, I have found there’s no need to worry about scrapes or punctures at all for general use whilst on the trail. In fact, generally I found that the pack felt really lightweight and manageable even when fully packed. With its sleek and simple design and use of the closure straps found on the side of the pack, which can double-up as compression straps when using the top closure, I found the pack stays very sturdy and close to the back whilst wearing (perhaps something to consider if using the backpack for cycling for example). Due to the overall size of the product it can also be a great addition to your travel kit, at 47 x 24 x 20cm it is suitable for the majority of under-seat storage options whilst flying (please check individual airline restrictions before use).

The pack also features handy mesh side pockets which are great for storing a 500ml water bottle or other quick-grab items, however a feature I have found most useful is the reflective lashing points found on the outer face of the bag. This light-reflective laser cut panel is welded straight on to the face vinyl giving you a very strong fixing for any additional lighting that may be needed for road use (e.g cycling, commuting) or for clipping on extra pieces of kit such as radio or first aid kit using a simple carabiner. The links can even be used in conjunction with elastic chords to lash on bigger items such as a waterproof jacket or hiking poles.


Capacity: 1709 cu in / 28 litres

Height: 18.5in /47cm (this is the maximum when sealed)

Width: 9.4in / 24cm

Depth: 7.9in / 20cm

Weight: bag 28.8oz / 817g  removable waist strap 2.6oz / 73g  total 31.4oz / 890g

Materials: 500D polyester-reinforced PVC tarpaulin

Colour: acid green, cool blue, matt black

Country of origin: designed in the UK, made in China.

To conclude I would like to say I really rate this backpack highly. With varied colour options to suit your style, a well thought-out practical design and an overall great build quality with a sleek appearance, the 28L Toccoa Heavyweight Waterproof Backpack it is a really great option if you are looking for a comfortable, durable, waterproof day-pack. The simple yet practical design of the pack is really what makes it stand out for me. To put the bag through what I have and know that my gear inside will stay dry no matter how extreme the conditions are, that’s a massive ‘pro’ point for me. The only slightly negative thing I could say about the Toccoa is size of the side pockets, which I believe would benefit from being slightly larger, however so far it hasn’t caused me any problems using a water bottle under 1L. Other than that I am honestly unable to fault the Toccoa, this rucksack has definitely found its use in my line of work and I will continue to use it whenever I’m facing a day of unpredictable conditions.

 – I’d like to say a huge thank you to Aquapac https://aquapac.net for personally supporting me in my work with the use of their products during these assignments. Their assistance and equipment provided for these trips contributed to ensuring my safety and overall well-being.

*Available now at 20% off with discount code: DAVE2020 – Simply hit the link: https://aquapac.net/shop/waterproof-backpack/toccoa-daysack-28l-791792-2/

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